Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sollecito Asks for “Separate” Trial

With just a few months to go before their final appeals, Raffaele Sollecito drops a bomb on the Knox camp. Sollecito allegedly demanded that his and Knox’s cases be tried separately. Sollecito’s legal defense team is reportedly lobbying to Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation to overrule his case and order a retrial.
Even more shocking, Sollecito’s lawyer, Giulia Bongiorno, announced that Sollecito has once again changed his alibi. Sollecito is now claiming that he was NOT with Amanda Knox the whole night when Kercher was murdered—contradicting the statement of Knox that they were together, which means their alibis no longer match. In Sollecito’s own words he says, “She gave me an alibi. I had nothing to do with it.”

Bongiorno (pictured above) claimed that her client’s statement last January, saying that he was with Knox the whole night, when they were convicted, was “unfairly influenced” by Knox’s statement. The legal team of Raffaele Sollecito has filed a 342-page document to petition the high court to judge him separately from the Amanda Knox murder case, particularly on the “false confession.” The document said that if Amanda Knox’s confession about being at the scene when the crime took place (which she later retracted as false) really occurred, it actually cleared Raffaele Sollecito. “It is clear from this document that Raffaele Sollecito was not present in the house on Via della Pergola where and when the crime was carried out,” the legal counsels of Sollecito wrote.

Then Sollecito (pictured above on left, his father on the right) made a bizarre statement that could only come from this surreal trial: “Only a madman or a criminal would change versions, and I’m neither mad nor criminal. There’s proof that I was at my place and I was watching Japanese cartoons,” Sollecito said; this coming from a man who has changed his version of events numerous times and has played along with Knox for seven years. The only question that now remains is: Is he a criminal, a madman, or both? After all, in his book, which came out recently, he said that Knox "may have" left his place, but that he couldn't remember. His memory has apparently cleared up as of late.

Despite seemingly throwing Knox under the bus and jeopardizing her case, Sollecito believes that Knox is innocent, “I always believed, and still believe, that Amanda Marie Knox is innocent.”


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