Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sollecito’s New Book: “Knox May Have Left My Apartment”

In his new book In Honour Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox, Amanda’s ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, finally breaks his silence, and his words mirror the bizarre and contradictory behavior both he and Knox exhibited since the murder. In the book, Sollecito questions whether Knox knew more about the murder than she revealed, casting doubt on her key alibi—that on the night of the killing she was in his apartment, watching a film and making love.

In an excerpt from his book, Sollecito writes:

“My poor memory seemed a ridiculous reason to throw me into an isolation cell and accuse me of involvement in the crime…If the problem was with Amanda and the things she might or might not have done outside the house—assuming she left at all—why not focus the investigation on her?...Maybe she knew something. Maybe there was something she hadn’t told me. But please, I thought, leave me out of it.”

Sollecito goes on to insist that he “didn't believe for an instant she was capable of murder,” but admits he had doubts about the friends that Knox mixed with.

Let’s break these statements down. Let’s say your DNA is found on a murdered female victim’s severed bra next to her body and police ask you where you were during the time of the murder and you say you don’t remember who you were with because you had smoked marijuana less than 24 hours ago. Do you think that it would then be "ridiculous,” as Sollecito says, for police to hold you as a major suspect in the crime?

Moreover, Sollecito told police (less than 24 hours after the murder) that he was with Knox in his apartment the entire night. Less than two days later Sollecito did an interview to Kate Mansey of the UK's Sunday Mirror in which he claimed that he and Knox were at a party of an unnamed friend. Then, less than 4 days after the murder he changed his story again, claiming to police that Knox had left his apartment at 9:00pm and returned at 1:00am on the night of the murder, and that Amanda told him to lie. He claims that he doesn’t think that Amanda is capable of murder, even though he had only known her at that point for approximately one week.

Sollecito certainly leaves the door wide open in regard to Knox not being at his flat at the time of the murder. Then, when police confronted him and told him that a knife confiscated from his apartment was found to have Knox’s DNA on the handle and Kercher’s DNA on the tip; Sollecito said that he accidentally pricked Kercher with the knife while cooking her a fish diner in his apartment, even though it was later determined that Kercher was never in his apartment.

Police knew very well that Sollecito and Knox were inseparable from the time that they met and for a short time after the murder. That is why they focused on him as well as her. Moreover, he became even more of a focus when police intercepted a phone call that he had with his father just days after the murder, where he called police “stupid,” because they didn’t find the knife that he carried frequently on his person when they searched him. If Sollecito wanted to truly “stay out of it” he would have been honest with police right from the start, telling them that Knox had left his apartment. There is only one problem with that scenario: he was with Knox when she left his flat and he was there during Kercher’s murder. His cover-ups go far beyond an innocent bystander simply sticking up for his true love of one-week. After all, his DNA was found on Kercher’s severed bra, and the contamination theory doesn’t hold water. Sollecito’s DNA was found nowhere else in Knox’s apartment and there was no way to transfer it to Kercher’s bra.

The probability, or even plausibility, that two people could smoke a joint and completely forget where they were, who they were with, and any of the events of the night (only hours later) is comical. Moreover, even if we were to believe this truly ridiculous theory, what is to stop us from asking: if they didn’t remember anything, how can they say they didn’t do it and don’t remember?

In another section of his book, Sollecito writes that Knox did not have a key to his apartment. Therefore, he surmises that if she had slipped out to murder Kercher, he writes, she would have had to ring the doorbell for him to let her back in. This didn’t happen, he says (funny how he has such selective memory). Yet, this clearly contradicts his earlier statement that he is unsure if she had left his apartment or not. But, again, he blames his memory loss on the joint that he smoked, so he really can’t be held accountable for any of these statements…hedging his bets, if you will.

“I knew I had nothing to do with Meredith's murder, but I was furious with myself for having such a foggy memory and I knew it was in part because of the joint I'd smoked on the afternoon of November 1,” Sollecito writes. Interestingly enough, Sollecito can remember most of the events that took place during the afternoon and early evening hours, just not of any events that occurred during the time the murder was taking place.

In his new book, Sollecito also makes new allegations against Perugia police. While being held in custody in Perugia, he writes, that police stripped him naked while threatening and slapping him. Sollecito was subject to what he calls a “less than scrupulous” set of “time-honored pressure techniques,” in which, he believes, the police asked him to repeat his story multiple times in order “to catch me out in whatever inconsistencies they could find.” He also claims that police never seriously believed in his guilt, but pursued him aggressively in order to have him testify against Knox. When he wouldn’t, Sollecito claims that they set him up. Sollecito says that, while searching his apartment, officer Finzi reached into his cutlery drawer in the kitchen, “pulled out the first knife that came to hand, a large chopping knife with an eight-inch blade,” and turning to a fellow officer he asked, “Will this knife do?” to which the officer answered, “Yes, yes, It’s great.”

Sollecito paints himself as a hero in the book—much as he did in the interview he gave to UK’s Sunday Mirror (when he falsely claimed that he and Knox were at a party while the murder was taking place). Sollecito claims that his family, and his lawyers, urged him to abandon Knox and change his testimony in order to buy favor with police and save himself, but he writes, “…my determination to stick by Amanda, and by what I knew to be the truth, was one thing I knew I had exactly right. Nothing in the world—not the people I cared about most, and certainly not the threat of further punishment for a crime I did not commit—could induce me to change my mind.”



  1. Anita is sneaky. If she left his apartment she very well could have left his door ajar, duh.... Biff's interview with Katie was his crowning achievement when he refused to vociferously claim Guede's guilt. Galati 2013.

  2. Im assuming that by Anita you mean Amanda and Biff you mean Raffalele...Im not 100 percent sure, but I believe that she would have also needed a key to get into his building, not just his apartment door. In any event, they were together all night, so it's really a mute point. I agree, RS's refusal to out-rite and adamantly curse Guede is just another one of the many suspicious acts of this guilty man.

  3. Good review, Will.

    Look at the progression of Raffaele's false stories.

    First he is firm and covers Amanda with an alibi, saying she was with him all night at his apartment. Second, he says they had both left his apartment and gone to a party. So now he is literally moving closer to the crime scene, by saying they were out of his apartment together on the night of the murder, but he still sticks real close to Amanda by insisting they still were "together". Thirdly, he cuts her loose and detaches from her completely by saying she left his apartment for all the hours surrounding the murder, 9pm to 1am, so with this statement Raffaele is now back at home alone in his apartment and has placed Amanda far away from him. So little by little his story slips and his covering for her is removed. Finally in desperation he ends up back where he started, claiming once again they were both in his apartment together all night of the crime. He has come full circle back to his first lie.

    He was testing the waters with various stories, and decides to side with Amanda and keep it simple, while also claiming heroic sacrifice for his misunderstood woman. Yet that too is the biggest lie of all. IMHO, he knows they both were at the murder and struggled with Meredith, Foxy probably upped the ante and started cutting her to show off her knife powers to knifeboy, then he followed suit, they ended up finishing the job to leave no witness other than Guede who helped them in the assault so they knew he couldn't dare rat on them, IMO. After this, to provide Amanda with an alibi is the only route Raffaele can take to save himself, and to prevent her from squealing on him and lying about his part in the murder. She could even have told police Raffaele was the key instigator of the whole murder, he was terrified of what lies or truths she might say. His claims of selflessness toward Amanda and trying to save her from a murder conviction even if he although fully innocent risks being swept into a murder conviction, is a complete crock. He is saving Raffaele, giving Raffaele an alibi, littering the path with red herrings and one lie after another to confuse the police, and pretending he is doing so for the noblest of reasons, that's the big laugh.

    He thinks we are buying this lie that he is risking his innocent life to defend a girlfriend whom he claims to believe incapable of violence, when he knows they both are easily capable of violence, especially when stimulated by drugs and alcohol which was mother's milk to them both. Anybody who hangs posters of serial killers on his walls and admires serial killers as Raffaele Sollecito verbally expressed about the serial killer who graduated from the ONASI SCHOOL? where he once attended (school for sons of doctors), and who hates police and despises them as blundering idiots and who carries a knife into a police station to be questioned about a knife attack, is ripe for crime. Don't let the shy, quiet exterior fool you. These silent types are the timebombs that manage to elude detection for a long while. He's got the lies down pat. This case is a three ring circus of liars. Amanda is an inveterate liar, so is Guede. And now Sollecito is morphing into the same, but no doubt he's had years of lying about his drug use to his dad and sister. Now he is honor bound to lie for a sexy American friend to help her beat the rap, what an honor. As he said about his arrest and the murder charge, he felt his life was over, he had nothing left to lose, so why not try to save Amanda, go the martyr route. That's a lie. He's no martyr, he is guilty and saving himself while claiming to be a hero. His only reason to fend for Amanda is to justify why he must lie to prevent his daddy knowing he's a killer, IMO.

  4. AnonymousSeptember 20, 2012 6:10 AM wrote:

    Very good analysis, Anonymous. I think you hit it on the head.


  5. Exactly right. They think they are being clever, but they aren't getting away with it, I hope....