Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One of Sweden’s Most Notorious “Serial Killers” About to be Released!

Once considered Sweden’s worst serial killer, 63-year-old Sture Bergwall’s (a.k.a. Thomas Quick) last of 8 murder convictions was overturned today after he withdrew his confessions.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Shootout in Hackensack, NJ Leaves Man in Critical Condition

It all started last night at around 1:00a.m., when Hackensack, NJ Police Department received a call that there was an armed man in the Railroad Avenue and Newman Street housing project. Sgt. James Dalton and Officer Franklin Bay, who were patrolling on foot, responded. The suspect, identified as Robert Leonardis, 22 (from Hackensack), was confronted by the officers at the corner of the two streets, and a foot-chase ensued. Two additional officers arrived as Leonardis fled the scene. That’s when Leonardis opened fire on one of the patrol cars, striking the hood and windshield that Officer Joseph Ayoubi was driving, which went through the windshield, narrowly missing Officer Ayoubi. Officer Ayoubi slammed on his breaks, which caused Officer Brett McCarthy, was driving closely behind, to slam into the back of Ayoubi’s vehicle.