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Repost of Raffaele Sollecito’s Interview with Kate Mansey (two days after Kercher’s murder)

The following is a repost of the interview that British Sunday Times journalist, Kate Mansey, did with Raffaele Sollecito (RS) on November 3, 2007 (Two days after Meredith Kercher was murdered), and was published November 4, 2007. Within, Sollecito claims that he and Amanda Knox were at “a party with one of his friends” on the night that Kercher was murdered. Obviously Sollecito has never used this [fake] alibi in any other tale that he has told, nor has he ever addressed this [false] claim. The following article was available on the internet for a couple of years, but has since been removed. Yet, unfortunately for Sollecito; it has not been forgotten.
Bold: RS’s own words according to Kate Mansey.
Underlined: untrue, contradictory (compared to other versions) as well as revealing details that should be examined further.

Published in the Sunday Mirror 4/11/2007

Friend tells how he broke down door

Kate Mansey In Perugia, Italy 4/11/2007

A friend of murdered British student Meredith Kercher told last night how he discovered her body in her blood-spattered bedroom.

Raffaele Sollecito, 23, relived the horror of finding the body of the pretty brunette who died when her killer broke into her home and cut her throat as she lay in her bed.

"It is something I never hope to see again," he said. "There was blood everywhere and I couldn't take it all in.

"My girlfriend was her flatmate and she was crying and screaming, 'How could anyone do this?

Meredith, 21, who had been studying in Perugia, Italy since August, was murdered the day after a Halloween fancy dress party at the city's British-themed Merlin Pub on Wednesday.
On Thursday she posted happy snaps of herself in fancy dress on the internet and in the evening had returned home alone after watching a film at a friend's house.

But her flatmates - two Italian girls and one American - had all stayed out for the night, so the gruesome discovery wasn't made until the next day.

Raffaele had spent the night at his own house on the other side of the city with his girlfriend, Meredith's American flatmate Amanda Knox, 22.

He said: "It was a normal night. Meredith had gone out with one of her English friends and Amanda and I went to party with one of my friends.

"The next day, around lunchtime, Amanda went back to their apartment to have a shower."

As Amanda, from Washington DC, stepped into house [sic B] she could tell there was something terribly wrong.

Raffaele said: "When she arrived the front door was wide open. She thought it was weird, but thought maybe someone was in the house and had left it ajar.

"But when she went into the bathroom she saw spots of blood all over the bath and sink. That's when she started getting really afraid and ran back to my place because she didn't want to go into the house alone. So I agreed to go back with her. When we walked in together, I knew straight away it was wrong. It was really eerily silent and the bathroom was speckled with blood like someone had flicked it around, just little spots.

"We went into the bedroom of Philomena
(another flatmate who was away) and it had been ransacked, like someone had been looking for something. But when we tried Meredith's room, the door was locked. She never normally locked her bedroom door and that really made us frightened."

Their panic grew as they desperately banged on her door.

Raffaele said: "I tried to knock it down. I thought maybe she was ill... I made a dent, but I wasn't strong enough on my own so I called the police."

When police arrived they knocked the door down straightaway and Raffaele followed them into the room.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing," he said. "It was hard to tell it was Meredith at first but Amanda started crying and screaming. I dragged her away because I didn't want her to see it, it was so horrible.

"It seems her killer came through the window because it was smashed and there was glass all over the place. It was so sinister because other parts of the house were just as normal."

Raffaele, a computer science student, said Meredith had recently started seeing an Italian neighbour called Giacamo [sic B] who lived in the apartment beneath the girls. He said: "Meredith was always smiling and happy. She was really popular and it's horrible that someone would want to hurt her."

Police hunting for the killer found two mobile phones in nearby Parco Saint Angelo, a favourite hang out for heroin addicts.


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  1. It was never likely that Sollecito was at a party with friends on the night of Meredith's murder. He was either with Knox (as claimed in one statement); or he was alone from roughly mid-evening until about 1 am (as claimed in another). The interest was all about the night of 1'st November. And it could never have been "a normal night if Sollecito was genuinely confusing the night of 1'st November with October 31'st. The latter was Halloween and Meredith was seen out with friends in fancy dress that night, partying as many other students did that night. I think Sollecito and Knox were also out that night. Meredith, in fact, did not return to 7 Via Della Pergola until 5 am, and was tired the next day.

    With regard to the crime scene and Sollecito's alleged comments: "It is something I never hope to see again," he said. "There was blood everywhere and I couldn't take it all in." And: "I couldn't believe what I was seeing." I do not know how Sollecito could have seen the copious amounts of blood (i.e. the blood around Meredith's neck and shoulders, and near the cupboard in her room. According to the Postal Police and others present on the morning of 2'nd November, Knox and Sollecitio did not look into the room, nor go anywhere near enough to see in to it.