Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Found NOT GUILTY on Murder Charges

After only 10 hours of deliberation, the jury found Casey Anthony “Not Guilty” on the counts of Murder 1, Aggravated Manslaughter, and Aggravated Child Abuse. Casey Anthony was convicted on four counts of lying to investigators. Casey immediately welled-up with tears as the first three verdicts (the most serious charges) were read.

Casey’s parents looked stone-faced as they heard the verdict, and they walked out in what appeared to be disgust moments after. Casey and her defense team held hands after the verdict was read, smiling and jubilant, as Judge Belvin Perry gave the court instructions. Jose Baez was heavily ridiculed for his closing arguments; yet, he is owed an apology by much of the media, as the jury bought his defense hook-line-and-sinker.

This is a stunning turn of events, as just minutes ago many in the media were talking about Casey Anthony likely walking down death row—now, she may walk free all together with time served. Ultimately, it was the jury who could not on the scant evidence provided by the prosecution. Each count of lying to investigators carries a sentence of one year; she has served about 3 years thus far. Casey would serve no more than a year and three months if she does any jail time at all. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning at 9am.


  1. Hello Will,

    I guess I owe you an apology. When I asked you a couple of days ago your opinion on the outcome of this trial, you said to me that you believed that the jury would find Casey not guilty on murder charges because there was not enough evidence presented by the prosecution. I strongly disagreed with ur declaration at that time. I am pretty shocked and appalled at the verdict, but I must give you credit for your prediction, particularly because no one in the media predicted this.


  2. Thank you, Sharon. I watched trial excerpts and much of the coverage, as well as all summations. The state of Florida clearly dropped the ball here, sadly. They overcharged her, making it a death penalty case, and they simply did not have the proof to back it up.

  3. The media are such freaken hypocrites, it is sickening! I sware, a few hours ago everyone on TV were so sure that she was going to be found guilty. They were all saying that the jury returning after only 10 hrs is surely a guilty verdict. They were calling Baez incompetent and praising the prosecution. Now alls you hear on TV is bashing the prosecution and praising the defense. This country has gotten really dumb, really fast.


  4. It is hard, if not impossible, to get a conviction on a capital-murder-1 case with no eye witnesses to murder, no cause of death, no time of death, and NO solid evidence.

  5. Shows like Nancy Grace are making us dumber as a country! Everyone knows that Casey Anthony is guilty. But it is people like Nancy Grace, who is supposed to be a former prosecutor, who leads with emotion, lack of understanding of American justice, arrogance, and a completely bias view of the legal system. There is no room in the legal system for Frankenstein lynch mobs. We are supposed to be a civilized society who gives everyone their day in court…and we must accept verdicts and trust the system. That is all we have people.


  6. Nancy Grace is clearly psychotic! She tweeted earlier that she thinks it is wrong that Jose Baez was having a few drinks after the verdict. What is he supposed to do, run home and hide out? Is Jose Baez now the enemy of justice? She clearly shows that she is the enemy of any defense attorney. Defense attorneys uphold civil liberties of all citizens. Without them, the state would have a conviction on just about every case. Defense attorneys are not the enemy, they are simply a part of the adversarial system that we all claim is the best in the world. He should party and drink heavily tonight. He did the job that he was hired to do and he won! Now, it is in God’s hands!

  7. I bet Nancy had more drinks tonight than Baez