Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One of Sweden’s Most Notorious “Serial Killers” About to be Released!

Once considered Sweden’s worst serial killer, 63-year-old Sture Bergwall’s (a.k.a. Thomas Quick) last of 8 murder convictions was overturned today after he withdrew his confessions.

Bergwall confessed to more than 30 murders over the past three decades, but was convicted of only 8 of them. He later said, however, that he had lied to investigators because he craved attention and was heavily medicated. Retrials were ordered for all 8 cases, but prosecutors said that without the confessions they didn’t have enough evidence to go back to court. Today they dropped the final case, which involved the death of a 15-year-old boy who had disappeared in northern Sweden in 1976.
Bergwall was convicted of the boy’s murder in 1994 even though there was no technical evidence linking him to the crime, and the cause of death could not be established. In what will surely come to be known as Sweden’s greatest miscarriage of justice of the modern era; Attorney General, Anders Perklev, told reporters in Stockholm that the debacle “has to be considered as a big failure for the justice system.” Bergwall will undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine his release date from the secure mental health unit where he has been held since 1991.

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