Monday, June 13, 2011

Police Acknowledge “Rumors” That Missing IU Student May Have OD’d

For the first time since Indiana University Sophomore, Lauren Spierer [20], went missing, police have acknowledged that they have received information that Spierer may have overdosed on cocaine and that the student or students who were with her panicked and disposed of her body.

Bloomington Police Captain Joseph Qualters was asked by a reporter about these “rumors” this morning at a media conference. “Have we heard information along those lines? Absolutely,” Qualters responded. Qualters did say, however, that detectives have not ruled that, or any other possibility, out in their investigation into the Spierers’ disappearance.

Shortly after midnight on the morning of June 3rd Lauren Spierer was looking for someone to accompany her to the bar. Investigators believe fellow student, Corey Rossman (who lives at 5 North Townhomes), accompanied Spierer to Kilroy’s Sports Bar where she left behind her shoes and cell phone.

Spierer and Rossman left the bar that morning and returned to her off-campus apartment building, where a group of friends of Spierer’s boyfriend, Jesse Wolff, confronted him—and were apparently angry seeing him and Spierer together at her apartment. Rossman says it was at that time that he was punched in the face during a confrontation in the 5th floor elevator lobby of Spierer’s apartment building at approximately 2:45 a.m. Rossman’s attorney told Fox59 News that his client has no memory of the fight but was told that Spierer walked him home and turned him over to his roommate Mike Beth.

Salzmann said Beth claims that he put Rossman to bed while Spierer asked him if he wanted to party. Salzmann said when Beth balked, Spierer left Rossman’s apartment to visit Jay Rosenbaum, a mutual friend and fellow student, two doors down.

Rosenbaum reportedly told police Spierer left at approximately 4:30 a.m. to walk home and he last saw her near 11th Street and College Avenue, rounding a corner toward her building. Police said they have no video evidence of that.

“Obviously there are a lot of friends and associates of Lauren who will be able to provide us with information,” said Qualters. “We have an indication that the individuals who are not available will make themselves available to us (in the coming week) and we're encouraged by that."

Rossman, Beth, Rosenbaum, and Spierer’s boyfriend, Jesse Wolff, are all believed to be persons of interest, even though Wolff is reported to have spent the evening watching basketball and unsuccessfully attempting to reach Spierer.

Rosenbaum is represented by noted Indianapolis defense attorney James Voyles, and Wolff is being represented by Bloomington attorney Larry Lozano. Rossman and Beth have both provided DNA samples to Bloomington police.

Confronted outside their apartment Sunday, Corey Rossman and Mike Beth denied their identities to Fox59 News, and then complained that media coverage of the investigation was ruining their life. Rossman complained that while his vehicle was parked in a public parking that Fox59 News was violating his privacy and Beth threatened to call Bloomington police. Rossman then drove away.

Qualters also said today that they have video of one or two cars in the vicinity that they are interested in tracking down. They are seeking to enhance the video and may release photos to the public, hoping to speak with the driver or drivers in case they have information that can aid the investigation. The street, which he did not identify, is “not heavily traveled,” Qualters said. Police are not describing the car or cars in question at this time, saying they do not want be inundated with false leads.

Meanwhile, Lauren’s father, Robert Spierer, reiterated a $100,000 reward for information leading to the location of his daughter. Investigators also indicated they had received upwards of 40 tips Saturday night after Lauren's case was profiled on the Fox program “America’s Most Wanted.”



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