Monday, June 20, 2011

Driver of White Truck Ruled Out as Suspect in Lauren Spierer Case

Last Wednesday Bloomington police released a picture and description of a white four-door Chevrolet short-bed truck seen running a red light and circling around the area where (and at the time) Indiana University sophomore, Lauren Spierer went missing on 3 June.

Since that time, police have received a flurry of more than 500 tips, many pertaining to the vehicle, and investigators located the driver of the vehicle—who, after being closely scrutinized, was eventually eliminated from consideration as a suspect, police say. "That individual was extremely cooperative with law enforcement efforts, provided information as to why he was up in that area and as it turns out it was simply to pick up an employee," Bloomington police Captain Joseph Qualters said.

“The bottom line is at this point we still have a missing person,” said Qualters. “Our effort will not stop, and we will continue.”

This past Thursday night, more than 100 people attended a Take A Stand to Find Lauren fundraiser at Edgemont High School in Scarsdale, N.Y., where Spierer graduated in 2009. They donated to the Find Lauren fund and were taught yoga moves to send positive energy to bring Spierer home.

Yesterday, a tip of a suspicious odor led police, search crews, an evidence tech, and a helicopter to a wooded area south of Martinsville just off State Road 37—but proved to be another dead end.

Captain Qualters also says a bag of clothing removed from Smallwood Plaza on Friday had nothing to do with the case. However he says investigators continue to hold out hope and follow every lead.

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  1. who was the guy in the truck bc here in louisiana we have a college girl missing and the only tip we have is a white truck identical to the one in this case