Friday, August 30, 2013

Amityville Horror Copy-Cat Killing

“High Hopes” were dashed this month for a Brazilian Family as their son killed them in their sleep. Marcelo Pesseghini [age 13] allegedly shot and killed his mother, father, grandmother, and great aunt in the middle of the night then casually went to school the next morning, returned home, and shot himself dead in the head.

The killings are believed to be a chilling re-enactment of the Amityville family massacre whereby Ronald DeFeo Jr., shot and killed his parents, two brothers, and two sisters in their beds at their home in Amityville, Long Island, New York back in 1974. One of Marcelo’s friends said that “He [Marcelo] planned to kill his parents during the night so that no-one would notice then escape in the parents’ car and live in an abandoned place.” The friend also claimed that Marcelo planned to be a “hit man” when he grew up.
Marcelo allegedly shot all four of his victims in the head with a .40 caliber pistol at the family home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Police later recovered a .32 caliber revolver inside a backpack that Marcelo had taken to school. CCTV footage shows Marcelo casually walking to and from his school in the northern part of the capital after the murders.
In a recent press conference Itagiba Franco, from the Sao Paulo police homicide department, reported: “Everything seems to indicate that Marcelo killed his parents and relatives.” Sao Paulo police commander, Benedito Roberto Meira, said there was no sign of a break-in at the house and ruled out “an act of revenge by a criminal group” against the teenager’s family.

Still, there are some that believe that Marcelo is innocent of the crime. Since the killings several Facebook pages have sprung up proclaiming his innocence. One Facebook page actually has more than 26,000 "likes" currently. Others say that the killings may have come from Brazilian police officers, who were allegedly being investigated for some shady actions. It was reported that Marcelo’s mother had previously provided useful information in an inquiry into police officers suspected in a series of ATM robberies. That and the fact that gangs continue to target police officers in the area continue to fuel suspicions. More than 70 Sao Paulo police officers were killed by gang members last year. Both parents were police officers.  

Marcelo had posted a picture of the infamous Amityville “Ghost Boy” picture on his Facebook page last December. The Amityville Ghost Boy picture emerged two years after the Lutz family fled the house, claiming that it was haunted (which “The Amityville Horror” book and movie were based on). The picture is said to show the ghost of the youngest victim of the DeFeo massacre.

Family members killed:
  • Luis Pesseghini (father) - 40-year-old police sergeant [found dead in bed]
  • Andreia Pesseghini (mother) – 30-year-old military police officer for 16 years [found on her knees dead in the bedroom]
  • Benedita de Oliveira Bovo (grandmother), 65-years-old [found dead in bed]
  • Bernadete Oliveira da Silva (great aunt), 55-years-old [found dead in bed]

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