Saturday, April 9, 2011

US Judge says Amanda Knox is “100 percent innocent”

The Knox misinformation train continues to pick up speed as if moving down hill and without breaks. This time, however, it comes from what seems like an unlikely source. During a recent speaking engagement at the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, King County (WA) U.S. Superior Court Judge, Mike Heavey Sr., asserted that Knox is “is 100 percent innocent.” And in an abhorrently false statement, the article explains that Judge Heavy has problems with Perugia Police’s assertion that Knox confessed to the crime because he “believes after she was interrogated for almost two days without food or water she told officials what they wanted to hear.”

Knox’s father, Curt Knox, was also present at the speaking engagement where Heavey proclaimed Amanda’s innocence, so I guess we can now see a little clearer under what circumstances these statements were uttered.

If Judge Heavy was correctly quoted as saying the above then it is pretty clear that he is getting his information on the case from Knox’s family members, much as most of the media have been doing. It is unfathomable to even consider that the good judge has any credibility when it comes to this case after such a statement.

This two-day interrogation fabrication has to be the biggest fabrication yet that I have heard about this case. With this statement, Judge Heavy makes Knox sound as though she was treated like a captured Al Qaeda terrorist. I would believe in Knox’s innocence as well if I read this statement without any real knowledge of the case. I guess now all there is left is for a Knox supporter to make the proclamation that she was ‘water-boarded’ as well.

Judge Heavy either needs to make an amendment to this statement--after getting the real facts-- claim that he was misquoted, or he needs to be sure that he never visits Italy, because he may be facing libel charges, just as Knox’s parents are facing.

Above: In this Facebook posting from September, poster “Charlie Wilkes” (Knox activist Jim Lovering) writes of his photo: [“At the table are (Washington State Judge) Mike Heavey, Mark (Waterbury) and Michelle (Moore, wife of ex-FBI / ex-university security man / screenwriter Steve Moore). Chris (Mellas) is seated at the table in the background. I’m not sure who he is talking to. Christina Hagge and Edda (Mellas – Amanda’s mother) are standing on the right …. It was a very enjoyable gathering.”]


  1. The logic that all those who question Amanda's guilt are simply fools following the Pied Piper of the Knox family's unstoppable PR machine is simply insulting and a bit silly. Virtually no one in the US pays attention to exclusive interviews of the parents of convicted persons. They do pay attention to analysis by experts in the field of criminal justice. All major networks in the US have interviewed experts on this case and there are some serious issues and errors in the prosecution of this case.
    The idea that this Seattle judge is willing to start backing murderous criminals on a whim is a bit far fetched. Let's hope the Appeals court examines this case more carefully than the original court.

  2. @Robtalt,

    None of these "experts" in the field of criminal justice have been able to provide a plausible innocent explanation for the numerous lies that Knox and Sollecito told before and after 5 November 2007.

    Sollecito admitted lying to the police and said that Amanda Knox had asked him to lie for her. He claimed that she had left his apartment at about 9.00pm and returned at around 1.00am. He has refused to corroborate Knox's alibi ever since.

  3. I agree Harry, Sollecito made several comments that made it clear that they had something to hide. Guess that's why he refused to testify, he would have gotten butchered on the stand!