Friday, March 25, 2011

Knox vs. Lifetime

Amanda Knox was back in court yesterday; this time not as a defendant but as a plaintiff. Knox pleaded to a civil court in Perugia, Italy, to prevent distribution over the internet of a made-for-television Lifetime film, Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy.With her head down and walking rapidly, Knox appeared tense and was expressionless, Knox crossed the square from the prison van to the civil court in Piazza Matteotti in Perugia. Wearing a white shirt and black jacket over pants and her hair pulled back in a little pony tail, Knox was escorted by two guards on each arm Knox was in court with her lawyers: Carlo Dalla Vedova, Luciano Ghirga and Maria del Grosso.

The charges were filed several months before the release of the movie and the court apparently hasn’t taken her request very seriously or they would have scheduled this court date prior the premiere of the movie last month; plus the movie has already been viewed some 687,000 times on Lifetime’s website from all over the world, and a version with Italian subtitles is already in circulation.

During the yesterday’s session—which was closed to the public—Knox asked Judge Teresa Giardino to block the U.S. Lifetime channel movie from being shown in Italy, because her appeal could be jeopardized if the film was widely circulated. During her address, Knox told the court she was “devastated by this invasion into her life” and the way “she’s being exploited.”

Knox also wants it pulled from the internet and any distribution of images from the film to be blocked. They are bringing their case against YouTube and Google as well as Lifetime Entertainment. YouTube has since removed any reference to the movie and its trailer from its website. Nonetheless, with just a minimal search you can find some bootlegs of the trailer as well as trailer clips in Italian, and of course HERE. And even though these may be down when you view them, the dynamics of the internet have me thinking that others will emerge.

The hearing was quickly adjourned because representatives for the Lifetime channel, who have not yet confirmed receipt of their summons, were not present. However, Knox did get a chance to address the court. Les Eisner, a spokesman for the channel’s parent company, A&E Television Networks, said the network had no comment. The case was adjourned until 4 July 2011.

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