Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unprecedented Murder-4-Hire Sting

In one of the more bizarre murder-for-hire cases, police set up an elaborate sting operation to catch a woman who was attempting to have her husband killed. In 2009, petite, curvaceous ex-escort, Dalia Dippolito, told her friend (an unnamed informant) that she needed help finding someone to kill her husband, Michael Dippolito. The informant had been friends with Dalia for nearly a decade before, and had only gone to police because he believed that she was “dead serious” about going through with the crime. Immediately, Boynton Beach Police began working with the informant, setting up a sophisticated sting operation. Police taped meetings between Dalia and the informant, where she provided him with a picture of her husband. Working with police, the informant had told Dalia that he had found a friend who would carry out the crime. During one meeting Dalia gave the informant a $1,200 down payment to give to the killer. Still, police did not move in; instead, they waited and built-up more of a case against her.

Police styled an undercover cop as a hit-man that met with Dalia to discuss the details of the murder while being recorded by police. Parked in a car near her apartment, Dalia told the undercover officer that she was “five-thousand percent sure” that she wanted her husband killed. Police then went so far as to set up a fake crime scene. On August 5, 2009, police simulated a murder scene by putting up crime-scene tape at the Dippolito’s home and waited for Dalia. When she arrived they led her to believe that the murder had been committed, having an officer break the news of her husband’s death. As she sobbed dramatically, her antics were caught by a video crew. Police then took her down to the police station as a witness, allowing her to incriminate herself further. Only later, in a tiny interrogation room at the police station, would officers reveal that her husband was alive. Then, in a phone call conversation from jail she had the nerve to call her husband and refute the things that she clearly said on tape, as well as making herself out to be the victim. Her trial is coming up soon with a plethora of evidence to convict. There will also likely be a made-for-TV-movie as well...

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