Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Head of One of the World’s Largest Drug-Rings: A Former Lingerie Model?

An international arrest warrant was issued this morning for former lingerie model, Angie Sanclemente Valencia, who is accused of running one of the biggest drug-trafficking operations in the world. Police report that Valencia quit modeling and started running drugs from South America to Mexico, Europe, the UK, and North America, using other unsuspicious-looking glamour models to move her product. The native Colombian moved to Argentina last year to set up her drug empire after previously working for Mexican drug-baron, The Monster. Her sexy drug-runners were paid to board flights with large amounts of cocaine every 24 hours.

It was only after one of Valencia’s runners—a 21yr old model—was busted at Buenos Ares airport with 55kg of cocaine that police exposed the syndicate and its leader. Valencia (a.k.a. “The Queen of Coffee”) is said to be on the run somewhere in either Mexico or Argentina. Valencia was making a fortune police say, paying her employees £1450 ($2250) a day to run drugs. Police tried to trace the 30yr old beauty via her Pomeranian lapdog, but found that it was registered to an abandoned warehouse.

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