Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

In a recent blog I reported that actor, Kal Penn, accepted a job at the white house, working for the Obama administration. Many of Penn’s fans were happy for him, but curious to know if the third installment of the Harold and Kumar series was jeopardized by the appointment. Well news (from Warner Bros) has it that a release date has been set for Harold & Kumar 3, which will be called “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.” The release date has allegedly been set for November 5, 2010.

There is no word yet, however, if Penn will actually be in the movie. I can’t imagine that Obama would let Penn step away to play a pot-smoking wild man. On the other hand I can’t imagine them making the movie without him. Hopefully they will not do something stupid like a prequel featuring younger actors playing the characters. It was a bad move when they tried to pull it off with “Dumb & Dumber,” and it would probably fair the same if they tried it with the Harold and Kumar franchise. Stay tuned.

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  1. I set up a facebook group called 'in anticipation of harold and kumar 3' everyone on the net is fighting to be the first to confirm that ka pen will be returning, if you get there before e please let us know, or simply join to keep up with the story.