Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harold and Kumar Star Quits “House” for “White House.”

Actor, Kal Penn, accepts job at the white house? Yes it’s true! Penn became a well known actor after starring in the movie “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.” Now, Penn is headed for the White House. Penn was starring in the T.V. series “House” recently. Last night his character said farewell from the popular show by committing suicide. He had already accepted a job in the White House as President Obama’s associate director in the White House office of public liaison. Penn said that he will be doing “outreach with the American public and with different organizations.”

What does this mean for Harold and Kumar 3? Well, sources said that the film was given the green light by the studio before this announcement, and there has been no word yet on what will be done now in regards to the movie. Penn said that he got to know the President and some of the staff during the campaign and had expressed interest in working there. Penn is taking a significant pay-cut to work for Obama’s staff. You’ve got to give him credit for that! Now let’s just hope and pray that he doesn’t go looking for a White Castle on his lunch break!! LOL!!

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